Our group helped formulate and execute NASA’s Cloud, Aerosol and Monsoon Processes Philippines Experiment (CAMP2Ex) – a field campaign that took place in the Philippines from late-August to early October, 2019, where NASA operated the NASA Orion-P3 aircraft and the SPEC Inc. Lear jet 35A.  CAMP2Ex also coordinated with the Manila Observatory and the Research Vessel Sally Ride operated by the Office of Naval Research during operations. The overall scientific goal of CAMP2Ex is to characterize the role of anthropogenic and natural aerosol particles in modulating the frequency and amount of warm and mixed phase precipitation in the vicinity of the Philippines during the Southwest Monsoon. To reach this goal CAMP2Ex provided a comprehensive 4-D observational view of the environment of the Philippines and its neighboring waters in terms of microphysical, hydrological, dynamical, thermodynamical, and radiative properties, targeting the environment of shallow cumulus and cumulus congestus clouds. Many of the in situ datasets collected also provide key calibration and validation data for satellite observations for the region.

You can learn more about CAMP2Ex at the CAMP2Ex website:

The CAMP2Ex White Paper that defines the experiment can be dowloaded here:

CAMP2Ex White Paper

Our group also developed and continue to maintain the Illinois CAMP2Ex website to help in providing realtime forecasting and decision making while we were in the field, as well as post flight analysis

The data is hosted at the NASA LaRC Airborne Science Data for Atmospheric Composition and accessible through this link:

We recently explored ways to visualize data collected during CAMP2Ex ( The first is a Data Fusion Dashboard that fuses data in space and time across a host of aircraft and satellite measurements. This is a powerful way to visually summarize an entire Research Flight that allows scientists an easy way to explore the data. An example for Research Flight 09 can be viewed here:

We also created a 3-minute 3D exposition, created in such a way as to help explain CAMP2Ex to a broader audience. This 3D exposition can be viewed here:

We also participate in numerous outreach activities in the Philippines, an example of which is shown in the video below.

Rose Miller was also interviewed as part of the extensive outreach video below.

A cool video from Research Flight #9 posted by Prof. Steve Nesbitt is shown below.

A photo of the CAMP2Ex group is shown below. Present form our group are Prof. Larry Di Girolamo and Rose Miller.

Here’s a couple of movies we developed from the Advanced Himawari Imager for September 15 and 21, 2019, showing smoke from Indonesia.


This project is supported by NASA. The publications below also include support under separate grants and contracts with NASA or NSF and are listed in the acknowledgment section of the publications.

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